Bamboofon is a revolutionary, earth friendly device that will naturally amplify sound from your mobile devices without wires or batteries. Bamboo is a natural sounding board that will allow you to enjoy high quality, boosted sound from a mobile device whilst being conscious of how important it is to be kind to the world around you.

Bamboo is in the subfamily of the flowering perennial evergreen plants in the grass family and, because of its self-renewing ability, is one of the most abundant and diverse natural resources on the planet. That quality, combined with its innate ability to naturally amplify sound, makes bamboo the ideal ecological choice for those looking for environmentally friendly answers to today’s hyper-technical society.

The Bamboofon’s design offers the ability to charge your mobile device while listening to your favorite playlist, an audio book, what have you…and it is compact and lightweight, making for easy portability from one room to the next, to your automobile, your garden or anywhere else you’ve a mind to take it. It’s ideal for the beach—no need to worry about sand—and fits a variety of popular products such as Apple, Samsung and other well-known brands.