Diatomaceous Earth refers to broken down remains of ancient organisms called diatoms. Diatoms were organisms that closely resembled algae in nature millions of years ago. As diatoms died, they settled on the sea floor and formed massive deposits, which humans now mine. What is so special about diatoms is that they had the ability to emit silica.

Super Fine Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is a Super fine off white powder, Sterilized for consuming by heat treating at low temperatures - enough to kill bacteria but not harm the DE.

This grade is a nice finely ground powder similar to Talc powder consistency and  easily disperses in water or juice.

Organic Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is  a natural Pest & Parasite control, for all pets and humans, suitable for; Consuming, Feeding and dusting pets, Dusting the house and garden.

Diatomaceous Earth can be used as a nutritional supplement and has several health benefits due to its HIGH silica content.

Skeletal Health – Silica promotes collagen production in the bones and regulates calcium levels. Digestive Health – Cleanses the digestive system. Purges parasites, toxins and bacteria. Metal Detoxification – Silica helps act as a vessel to transport heavy metals such as aluminium.


  • General Wellbeing
  • Helps Parasite Removal
  • Weight Loss
  • Nourishes Hair, Skin, Nails, Bones and Collagen
  • Helps Detox
  • Helps Pest Control & Animal Health