Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt - 1KG Coarse $5.95
Himalayan Salt - 1KG Fine $5.95
Himalayan Salt - 200G Coarse $3.25
Himalayan Salt - 200G Fine $3.25
Himalayan Salt - 3KG Coarse $15.95
Himalayan Salt - 3KG Fine $15.95
Himalayan Salt - 500G Coarse $4.45
Himalayan Salt - 500G Fine $4.45
Himalayan Salt
Himalayan Salt

Pure Himalayan Crystal Salt is Versatile and Tasty!

  • Himalayan crystal salt is edible and great as a healthy replacement to inferior, highly processed table salt.
  • Pure and organic, it tastes fantastic.
  • Available in fine ground and course.
  • This salt can be used in a variety of ways to supplement where minerals are lacking and detoxify both internally and externally.

Himalayan Crystal Salt has been mined and traded for thousands of years.  Vast salt foothills in the Himalayas yield this vital mineral that is viewed as the most pristine source of salt currently on the planet.

In the beginnings of the creation of Earth, a huge ocean was trapped as geological forces pushed land upwards.  Over millions of years this ocean evaporated and was covered by growing mountains and glaciers, thus creating a structurally unique salt that is free of modern pollutants.

Himalayan Crystal Salt contains 84 trace elements and minerals that, due to the forces of nature, are locked into the crystalline salt structure.  This makes them more readily absorbable by our body in comparison to other salts we often find on our dinner tables.

Sea Salt:  harvested from oceans that are full of man's pollutants.

Rock Salt:  has not undergone the same geological processes, so the minerals are not so easily absorbed.

Table Salt:  heavily processed and full of additives with little nutritional value, acts basically as a poison within our systems - this is why we are warned to avoid table salt.


Himalayan Salt