Do You Want to Lose Weight Over Winter?

By , 5 June 2009

Do You Want to Lose Weight Over Winter?
Do You Want to Lose Weight Over Winter?

Waiva Clark has great savings on Medical Vita Diet Shakes, Mousses and Soups. 

Medical Vita Diet Swiss Chocolate - Box of 14

Did You Know?

  • The Medical Vita Diet has been tried and tested with 'outstanding results' for the past 22 years.
  • The Medical Vita Diet is Australian made and owned.
  • Enjoy the Swiss Chocolate, Iced Coffee and Caramel Bliss drinks HOT in winter. Yummy!
  • The delicious Banana Mousse and Chocolate Mousse can be enjoyed as a dessert after the main meal, as the third sachet for the day - but no more than three times a week.
  • Gluten free - apart from Vanilla and Strawberry.
  • Exciting NEW products - Chocolate Mousse, Banana Mousse, Mediterranean Tomato Soup, Starter Packs and NEW MVD Guide Book which include delicious recipes.

Do You Want to Lose Weight Over Winter?

Most customers who start on the Medical Vita Diet program report excellent results in their first week which makes it very exciting for them and motivates them to stay on the program.  After that, weight loss slows to an average of up to 1 to 1.5kgs a week.

One very happy customer is Sarah from Bli Bli, on Queenslands Sunshine Coast.  She says "I lost 6kg in my first week and my husband lost 7kg in his first week"  We checked on her current weight and were delighted to learn that Sarah in the past 16 weeks, at the time of writing, has lost 24kgs, while her husband has lost 38kg, down from 150kg to 112kg!!!!

"We find it very easy - just have the Medical Vita Diet shakes in the morning and evening, eat lots of vegetables and have a hot meal for lunch." she said.


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Do You Want to Lose Weight Over Winter?