Tea Tree Oil and Your Dog

By , 6 July 2009

Tea Tree Oil and Your Dog
Tea Tree Oil and Your Dog

Tea tree oil is not only an effective treatment for all of man kind’s ailments, it has also been found to be an effective remedy for pets and animals. It is said to be an effective deodorizer, fur detangle, and external parasite repellent and is also used to relieve hotspots, rashes, and irritations caused by flea or other insect bites as well as many other conditions.

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Tea Tree Oil and Your Dog

Tea Tree Oil is an excellent natural antiseptic and can be used to treat many canine conditions. The oil immediately penetrates outer skin layers and mixes with body oils to treat such conditions as insect bites, cuts, burns, infected wounds, bruises, boils, lice and hot spots It can also be used to treat fleas, wash dog’s coats or help heal wounds.

Tea Tree Oil has pain numbing properties and can be used topically for sprains, arthritis, and eczema. DILUTE with carrier oil or shampoo since the pure essential oil would be irritating to sensitive areas. To treat eczema, mange, flea and tick bites mix 5 to 10 drops of tea tree oil in with the lather when you wash your pet and leave on for a few minutes before rinsing.
Tea Tree Oil is also an excellent antifungal and can be employed as a pet medication of yeast infections, fungus and ringworm. For ringworm apply tea tree oil with almond oil to the affected area, or add a few drops of essential tea tree oil to the bath water.
To fight plague on your dog’s teeth, brush with toothpaste containing tea tree oil.
To prevent fleas in dogs try the following:
After washing your pets bedding rinse with a strong dilution of eucalyptus or tea tree oil and hang up to dry without rinsing, repeat monthly. Use a strong eucalyptus or tea tree dilution to a watering can and soak pets kennel and favorite sleeping patches on sand, paving or doormats. DO NOT USE EUCALYPTUS OR TEA TREE OIL DIRECTLY ONTO ANIMALS. DO NOT USE TEA TREE OIL INTERNALLY.
 It is very important to read all product instructions carefully before administering to you pet. Frequently it is used on cats and small dogs without complications by some pet owners but it is strongly suggested that you refrain from using this oil on your small dog or cat. Due to their weak liver function there have been many cases of smaller pets becoming severely ill, suffering permanent side effects, and in some cases loss of life.
Please consult your veterinarian before treating you pets with any concentration of Tea Tree oil.

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Tea Tree Oil and Your Dog