Pure Food Essentials was born out of a passion for Turmeric. Growing this spice organically on our Sunshine Coast hinterland property took us to India, the natural home of spices. Our intention was to learn more about the turmeric industry, and what we discovered was a world of sensory delight as we were introduced to the freshest harvests of all the spices. Mountains of chillies, and pepper corns being sorted by gaggles of women, cinnamon being scraped and rolled, acres of ginger and turmeric rhizomes drying in the sun, cart loads of cardamom pods being delivered by the growers.

We were taken on a three day tour of the local farms by a team of organic spice processors. The relationship they have with their growers is commendable. Sensitive to the international demand for high grade products, they have worked with farmers to gain organic certification. They provide ongoing education, both agricultural and for the children of growers, they provide medical support for families, help to meet transport requirements, and offer financial aid during the hard times. We were moved by the relationship of mutual loyalty and trust. We were hooked.

Years later we still buy spices from those same producers that are grown on those same farms, sorted and processed by a whole community of people which is sustained by this trade. Subsequent visits to India have led to other relationships beyond the spice growing community. Other organic whole foods, traditionally grown and processed for the domestic market have been sourced. Fragrant organic basmati rice, besan and rice flours, arrowroot starch and amaranth are now available. All grown and processed organically, the Pure Food Essentials range continues to grow as relationships are established. The team at Pure Food Essentials is committed to bringing you the best of Indian ingredients.


Where do Pure Food Essentials products come from?

  • Pure Food Essentials spices are grown in the mountainous regions of Northern India by local hill tribe farmers. They are processed locally by a collective. Most spices are ordered once a year whilst they are still growing in the fields and delivered approximately 12 months later after harvest and processing.
  • The Gluten Free flours, rice, seeds and sugar are grown in the Punjab region and the farms are governed by the Indian Government Agricultural Department.
  • We travel regularly to India to visit trade fairs and the farming regions to keep abreast of current agricultural practices and new products.

What is the best way to store spices?

  • Pure Food Essentials products are delivered to you in recyclable, PBA free, plastic zip bags which are ideal for storing.
  • Glass containers are another ideal way to store spices, flours and seeds.
  • For all products it is best to keep them in cool, dark, dry conditions such as a pantry. If you like to be able to see all the wonderful colours of your spices in a spice rack in your kitchen make sure you keep them out of direct sunlight and away from the heat of the stove.
  • Indian spice drawers are another attractive way to store spices, however we recommend that you keep your spices in good quality plastic or glass containers inside the drawers to maintain their freshness and flavor.

Are PFE products organic and what does that mean?

  • Pure Food Essentials spices, rice, flours and seeds are all Certified Organic and we maintain our NASAA certification for your peace of mind.
  • Being Certified Organic means that we guarantee that all products meet the requirements of the NASAA body which includes the Organic Trader Standard.

What treatment are PFE products exposed when entering Australian through Customs?

  • There is no requirement for any products stocked by Pure Food Essentials to be irradiated or treated in anyway when entering Australia.


All spices come in a convenient sealable stand up pouch are processed in season to ensure absolute freshness and are all certified organic.

The majority of the world's spices are originally sourced out of India ours come from the rich fertile mountain regions of northern India.

Enjoy the freshness and the aroma of Pure Food Essentials spices. Go to recipes and info page for delicious recipes using these products.


NOTE : All of our spices are Gluten Free, are not Irradiated, and do not have any additives or fillers.